FW 22/23

Colour is mood, is memories, is feelings, is thoughts and is seasons.
It’s everything we see and everything we want to be.

Comfortable ~ Oversized ~ Unisex

MOYA’s Fall-Winter Collection 2022 dive into the emotions and feelings that colors can evoke to embrace the power of individual expression. For this collection, calm, elegant and sophisticate tones like cream and black are blended together with high-energy colors as orange. MOYA’s identity is expressed again in this collection with soft textures and clean minimal lines that pushes the boundaries and highlights the meaning of expression and diversity, as all of the designs are gender-neutral, oversized and can be worn by all.



A successful encounter between tradition and design that evolves and reworks the theme of color. A heathered effect by the mix of fibers that are cross dyed but actually a combination of blacks, whites and greys which are revealing an unexpected contemporary personality.

style is all about feeling comfortable.